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Dennis Anderson, Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

Dennis' experience in the lending industry began over 20 years ago as a consultant to clients seeking large commercial loans, and he began originating home mortgages prior to the time that the industry was regulated by the State.  When the State of Texas began regulating the Mortgage Broker industry Dennis was in the very first group of individuals to receive a Mortgage Broker License form the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Loans.  

Over the years that Dennis has been originating mortgages the types and varieties have dramatically increased and he has dedicated himself to continued education and understanding of the mortgage options available to insure each applicant is apprised of the mortgage best suited to their particular financial and credit situations.

Dennis founded Abilene Mortgage with the philosophy that it is our commitment and obligation to assist each applicant in getting the very best loan possible for their financial and credit situation, at highly competitive interest rates and low closing costs.

Dennis' NMLS # 346888 Abilene Mortgage Inc.'s NMLS # 347106



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